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Melodic Fragments

melodic ear training of fragments that are 3 to 5 notes
pitch content categories include both tonal and atonal material

The melodic fragments ear training exercise works towards better aural comprehension of melodic material that is not in a previously established diatonic framework. This is an advanced exercise that integrates previous ear training and theory including scale degree ear training, interval ear training,and a theoretical understanding of the intervalic construction of scales. For some melodic fragments, the pitches presented could fit in a diatonic framework, albeit one that has not been established by previous material. For these fragments, students trained in scale degree ear training should try to hear the solfege that fits the notes, then determine what pitches would correspond to those scale degrees given the first pitch. An aural understanding of intervals from interval ear training might be used as a check to verify accuracy of the pitches selected. These fragments are in the categories called "diatonic 3" and "diatonic 5". Notes in these fragments will be adjecent notes from a major scale, though not necessarily played in order.

Other melodic fragments cannot possibly fit into a major scale. For these, students will draw on skills identifying intervals as well as extablishing a close chromatic framework. Exercises vital to success with these sets are interval ear training and close chromatic framework. The content setting for these fragments include "close chromatic", "nested 3rds", and "nested 6ths".

Finally, the remaining sets include larger intervals, relying heavily on students who have significant aural proficiency with larger intervals and chords. Students should practice interval and chord ear training and consult the curriculum to develop these skills in the lessons prior to taking on these levels of melodic fragments.