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To access the login features of SonicFit as a student, you must first register. You will need a join code, set by your instructor, so that your registration goes into the correct class. Only your instructor can tell you the join code for your class. (if you do not have an instructor, yet desire to work through the curriculium with all login features, click this link: lessons without an instructor)

registration page image

The student registration button is under the info

tab above, or use this link to open it in a new tab:


The registration page contains fields to complete. As stated above, the join code is set up by your instructor.


To login, you will use the email address and password that you provide on this form, so be sure to remember them.

Some notes:

If you are enrolled in sonicfit for another class, or have been in the past and your account is not yet removed, then you will not be able to register using the same email address. Please pick another email address, or even make one up based on your first one. For example, change to

Your password is fully encrypted, and not visible to the instructor or anyone at SonicFit. If you forget your password, your instructor has the power to delete it and provide you a new one.

registration page image

Finally, students under 14 years of age should not use a real email address to register. There are strict laws concerning collection of email addresses from children, so SonicFit officially asks you to not enter them. The login must be in email address form. but can be midified as needed though hopefully not to something that could easily be someone else's real address. You are welcome to use where CMS is the initials of your school, and sussie.m is a students name. If it doesn't work, pick something else. Instructors can see and change any of the information from their portal, except for the password as mentioned above.


Once registerred, login in the upper right hand corner of any SonicFit page.


If you type something incorrectly, you will be automatically directed to a page where the input is larger and your email will be checked as you type it in.



The 'My Work' page

After logging-in, you will notice a few changes. In the upper left banner, you should see your name after the greeting "welcome" and in the top right corner you should see your teacher or school and the name of the course. If any of this does not look accurate, please contact your instructor.




The 'My Work' page itself has two main areas: the next due items and the full list of assignments that your instructor has assigned (image below). If there is nothing here, than you instructor has not yet assigned anything.

Please also notice that the 'Exercises' tab has been replaced by the 'My Work' tab. Once logged in, any work you do will count towards the work assigned to you. If you had access to un-assigned exercises, you might think that you were getting credit for work in situations when you weren't. For this reason, you can only access exercises by way of the assignments that the instructors has given.


Should you want to do other exercises, or work on material without your scores being recordered and published to your instructor, then logout and do your work in the 'public access' mode.

Be sure to notice that your work may be under a different unit tab. If you click on a unit tab, it will change to that unit and display assignments in that unit. Instructors may use units to organize material in different ways. Some may work chronologically, having each unit correspond with a new grading period. Others may put assessments and practice logs in separate units, and even have an optional unit at the end. For the most part, you can probably work from the 'Next Due' banner, but please be aware of how your instructor uses units in case you do necessarily do all of the work in chronological order.


Types of Assignments

There are two types of assignments, practice logs and assessments. They are labled in both the 'My Work' and 'Next Due' sections.

In an assessment, your instructor has picked one exercise and selected the specific settings to be tested. If you roll over the assessment name, you will see the exact settings being tested, then a list of information including how many problems there are, how many times you can retake the assessment, and when it is due. to take the assessment, just click on the assessment name in either the 'My Work' section or the 'Next Due' section.


In a practice log, your instructor has selected which exercises are available for you to work on at your own level. Clicking on an exercise takes you to that exercise. Once in the exercise, you can then adjust the settings to match your needs and abilities.

When you roll over a practice log for the first time, you will not see much information. However, if you do some work and then roll over, you will see the record of your work. Note, this is what your instructor sees as well.


In this example, the student has completed 5 minutes and 12 seconds of the log, working for 3 minutes and 54 seconds on the scale degree ear training exercise, getting 10 out of 10 problems correct with settings of the first 5 notes of the scale. Then the student worked for 1 minute and 16 seconds drilling key signatures, getting 13 out of 16 problems correct when focusing on bass clef sharp keys at 10 seconds per problem.


Taking Assessments

When you launch an assessment, Please notice two things: 1) there is no settings button; and 2) there is a 'currently working on:' warning in the upper black banner. If these are note the case, then you aren't taking the assessment and need to go back to your 'my work' page or make sure that you are, in fact, still logged in.


Once you are done with the assessment, a message will let you know your final score and return you to the 'My Work' page.


Taking Practice Logs

When you launch an exercise from a practice log, Please notice the following: 1) the settings button works- use it to be productive in your practice by selecting settings that are challenging but not too difficult; 2) the 'currently working on:' warning in the upper black banner tells you what practice log is being worked on; 3) the timer shows you how much time is remaining in the practice log; and 4) the "last save" message lets you know the exact time that would in the practice log, should you close your browser without completing the problem you are currently on. If you are concerned that the program isn't counting your current problem, please wait until you see 'saving progress' warning flash and then stop flashing.

If you take more than 2 minutes without finishing a problem, the program will kick you out and not count the time since your last saved problem. This is to prevent students from leaving their practice log idle. If your work is taking more than a minute per problem, then you should make the settings easier and build up to the harder settings over time.


Student Interface Video

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Instructor Interface Introduction

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Instructor Interface II : adding assignments

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