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Our design has changed in the past year. Here is how to find things. For lessons, click the lessons tab of the menu bar. Exercise links are in a pop up when you scroll over the exercise tab next to it. Students now login in the very top right corner of the page, and instructors login at, also found under the info tab. Need to register? Find registration and other information under the info tab.


student login - top right corner of page
register- under info tab



SonicFit on tablets and phones - Android and Apple!

If you are having any trouble with SonicFit working on your tablet or smart phone, you can now access it through an app called Puffin Academy- FOR FREE. SonicFit exercises require Flash player. Flash isn't supported on android 4.2 and higher or on apple devices. While there are several ways around this problem, the easiest and cheapest solution is to use Puffin Academy, an app available in both the apple app store and google play. After opening Puffin Academy, do a search for SonicFit- open it, hit "go" and then you are at SonicFit with all content fully functional.

The standard Puffin browser app works too, and it costs $3, where Puffin Academy is free. Both render the full SonicFit experience. (More info and a help tutorial will follow- but wanted to share this with you asap).

In the coming months, we will be tayloring the experience of tablet and phone users, detecting the device you are on and changing the layout to best use the screen size.

puffin seal

   puffin seal   puffin seal



Register without an instructor!

If you do not have an instructor but still want to track your progress by saving your scores, then you can register for a SonicFit course. By registerring you can contribute money to keep SonicFit developing. More details here.


Optimal browsers for SonicFit

The optimal browser for SonicFit is Chrome. Firefox and Safari are working fine to our knowledge. If it doesn't look quite right on another browser, please consider using Firefox or Chrome, and send us an email so we can address it. Please note, SonicFit will not work in Explore versions before 8. Thank you!